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C & D – Requirements & Gear

C & D – Requirements & Gear


  • Must be 16+ years old to participate.
  • Under 21 years old requires parent/guardian permission.
  • Prior axe throwing experience is recommended as this is a skill based game.  We’re looking for participants who have developed their axe throwing abilities beyond “this is my first time”, but haven’t yet reached the extreme mastery level.  In other words, this is perfect for Rookies (Developing), Intermediates (Skilled), and Advanced (Expert) throwers. As for the other levels, it might be more of a struggle for the Newbies (Beginners) that are still learning the ropes and for the Pros (Masters), might find it a bit too easy.


  1. Each player receives 4 cards, a marker, and a personal daub.  Tables are equipped with a central flag to signal that all throwers are finished for the round.
  2. A card is made up of 25 squares each having a task to complete. A “Free Space” square in the middle exists, but you still have to complete its task.
  3. There are 4 categories of tasks that will test your abilities:
    • Precision: Hit the exact number.
    • Thrower Choice: What are you good at sticking; pick your shot since these don’t come often.
    • Sharp Shooter: Score a specific range of numbers.
    • Sequence Builder: Complete a predetermined sequence of numbers.
  4. To ensure a fair and exciting competition, here’s the lowdown on the targets:
    • We’ll be refreshing the targets before the event kicks off. We’ll swap out any boards needing replacements and ensure everything is in top shape.
    • The targets will follow the latest WATL competition template, giving you a familiar testing ground to showcase your skills.
    • Find Your Spot: The boards, for reference, are numbered from left to right, starting with board 1 on the leftmost side. This will help you keep track of where to aim for specific tasks.
  5. You will not be able to use your own weapons.  We will supply the axes, hatchets and tomahawks that you will be using; you bring the fun.
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