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C & D – Gameplay

C & D – Gameplay


  1. A number is randomly drawn. This number corresponds to a specific task that may/may not be on your personal game card.
  2. Each player that has the number gets a chance to complete the task with a maximum of 3 throws. Most tasks will be conquered with varying throw counts, showcasing your axe-throwing skills.  You are not penalized if it took you one throw or all three throws as long as you get it completed.
  3. Beware the rare “Double Down” tasks! These tricky maneuvers will require at least 2 successful throws to complete, adding a layer of strategy.
  4. If the drawn number doesn’t match any number on any of your cards, you’ll sit that round out unless you have previously failed a task(s). You then can attempt one of those again on your turn.
  5. Each task on your card clearly explains what’s needed for success. It will specify the number of hands to use and any special requirements to follow.
  6. Once everyone at your table finishes their turn (completing, failing or no task attempt), raise the flag to signal the MC you’re table is ready for the next round. A new round starts only after all tables finish and no winner emerges (the flag gets lowered at the start of the next round).

Your Turn to Shine:

  1. When it’s your turn, announce the task number, how many hands you’ll be using and the task itself.
  2. You will have 3 throws per turn to complete the task.
  3. If you complete the task, great job!  Daub the completed square on all your cards that have that task and cross out the number below its column.
  4. Didn’t get the number you needed? Don’t worry, you’ll have another chance for redemption! For the failed number, circle it at the bottom of the column on all cards that it appears. On any subsequent rounds you do not have that called number, you are able to attempt one of any failed numbers.
  5. Once you complete the pattern for that game, be the first to yell AXING!  Everyone still has to finish the round before the winner(s) are declared.
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