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C & D – Overview

C & D – Overview

Ready to show off your axe throwing skills?  Splinters’ Hatchet & Axe Throwing is offering an exciting event that we call “Cleave & Daub”.  It’s Bingo-flavored with the thrill of competitive daubing, but uses your chucking prowess to dominate the card.  Once you complete the pattern, yell out AXING to let all know you are the best!.

Here’s The Throwdown:

  • Time’s A Tickin’: Get comfortable with your inner lumberjack during a dedicated pre-practice session (30 minutes) before the 2 hours of competition heats up.
  • Unique Skill Based Game Cards: Ditch the boring numbers, each square on your card also features an axe throwing task you need to conquer to claim it.
  • Show Off Your Skills: Did I mention we will test your one hand vs two hand throws?  Each task includes the # of hands required and sometimes which weapon to use.  Conquer the card and earn the ultimate bragging rights (and prizes!).
  • I Like To Win: We will have at least 4 games with every game having the possibility of multiple winners.
    • Multiple Winners – Each winner will receive a Splinters’ Gift Certificate for one person to enjoy an hour of throwing.
    • Single Winner – The winner will receive a Splinters’ Gift Certificate for two people to enjoy an hour of throwing.
    • Lowest Dauber Winner – The loser will receive a special gift which what lacks in value makes up for in uniqueness.
  • Sign Me Up: Unleash your inner champion for only $25 + tax per person! The perfect outing for friends, coworkers, or anyone who wants to ditch the ordinary and embrace the AXEtraordinary.

This isn’t your grandma’s dusty old Bingo game. Get ready to test your technique and strategy in this fast paced skills competition!  Don’t Miss Out! Spots are limited, so reserve yours and claim your axe throwing glory today! 🪓

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