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Throw On The Go


You've got a trilemma on your hands!

(that's one big word for three small choices)

If we've managed not to trip over our own shoelaces, your needs should be getting a warm welcome from our impeccable planning.

Did someone ask "Lets get TAKEOUT?".

Do you want to impress your

at your next

adding a unique


Our covered two-lane mobile hatchet throwing unit is ready to be towed to your indoor or outdoor venue.  Once parked, in less than 10 minutes hatchets can be flying.  We bring everything from instructors & equipment to lights & music, you bring the eager people who are ready to split some wood. 

  • Minimum 2 hour rental $400

    We will arrive 30 min. prior to reservation time to setup. Clock starts/ends with reservation time.

  • Next 3rd and 4th hours (price per hour) $150

    The longer we stay the more funner it becomes. (Yes we know that isn't grammatically correct.)

  • After 4th hour (price per hour) $100

    Why end the party if the party isn't over; the most funnest happens now! (Already aware we have grammer issues.)

The listed price is subject to tax(s).

Park and Pay to Play!

If you want to fill a space, we want to be the one who fills it. We charge participants based on the number of times a person throws.

Event planners, lets talk sooner than later.  We only have one trailer which means you might have to break out the corn hole boards and horse shoes if we are already booked. 

$5 / 5 Throws

$10 / 15 Throws

Goldilocks' dream size – not too much, not too little, but oozing 'just right'.

For those events that are only 3 to 5 hours long and under 1,000 in attendance.

Option 1: You pay us a $100 hourly rate* and for every token given out we get paid an additional $3.


Option 2: You pay us a $150 hourly rate* and every token given out we get paid an additional $5 until $200 is reached; the rest of the token handouts is all profit for you.


Examples of earning tokens:

* Sticking around after our hired time isn’t a competition for us to find who hoarded tokens the longest!  If you’ve got a token, it’s your golden ticket to fun, so don’t just twiddle your thumbs!.  We’re not signing up for a 3-hour gig just to accidentally turn it into a 5-hour marathon because the entire gang decided to save their token-powered extravaganza for the grand finale.  Let’s keep the clock and the confetti coordinated, shall we?


** We’ll set up your beer coasters and business cards on the targets, each with a hidden prize on the flip side. The thrower’s got a thrilling challenge ahead – three throws to nail that hatchet right into the prize and claim their victory.

$100 per hour + $3 per token

$150 per hour + $5 per token until $200

The listed price is subject to tax(s).

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