Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise.

There are two words which we value here; you and want.  We are so committed to these words that our mantra is "Throw when YOU WANT, how long YOU WANT and with who YOU WANT".

Here are are few ways we differ from our competition.  You are not...
    ...sharing a lane with strangers.
    ...forced to fill a lane up to a gazillion people.
    ...required to book longer than an hour.
    ...turned away if you are late for your schedule time.
    ...use construction hatchets/axes in lanes built uisng inexpensive building material.


Channel The Flannel.

We first will confirm that everyone whom is with you has signed the waiver either online or at one of our kiosks around the front desk.

Next one of our friendly staff members will take you to your lane(s) and spend around 2 minutes going over the throwing basics such as safety, procedures and techniques.

The same staff will be floating around the floor to help assist you with any questions and will be replacing any wooden boards that have seen better days.

In each lane there is a white board/pen to keep score, a count down clock so you know how much time you have left having fun and a list of games you can play if getting a bull's eye becomes boring (wink, wink).


Can't hit the broad side of a barn, you say?

Great news, you are not throwing hatchets & axes at a barn! No worries if this is your first time.

The only 3 abilities you need to bring with you are:
    1. See 12 feet in front of you.
    2. The strength to lift at shoulder height 2.5 lbs (half as heavy and less dangerous as a Chihuahua).
    3. Not be annoyed or startled by the periodically THWAK sound.

We do ask that you know your blood type; better safe than sorry is our motto!

Trash Talk

Trash talk is so underrated!

We have noticed that heckling, rated PG13 of course, brings extra spice to the experience.

May we suggest the following phrases to start with:
    Kiss my axe.
    So that hatchet job you handed in at work was you practicing for here.
    I'm going to kick your axe.
    I see you brought your battle axe with you, how are you fill-in name?
    I'm willing to bury the hatchet if you are the target.


Before you leave...

We are going AXE if we may take a photo of your party that then will be posted on our Instagram/Facebook/Website.  Fear not, no names are posted with the photo.  We respective your privacy and if you rather not have a photo taken or change your mind later, let us know and it will be as if it never happened.

Please take a used free souvenir target board section with you as reminder of your experience at Splinters. Yes really PLEASE we have so, so much wood in the back it looks like a lumber yard threw up.