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We love our customers, so these are for you.

  1. We allow ages 8+ to be in the building and 12+ to throw.  If you rent the Private Room it is still ages 12+ to throw, but any age to be in that room due to it being a room.

  2. Everyone needs to check in and if we don’t have a signed WAIVER already on file, guess what you will be doing?

  3. Clothing attire style is comfortable, but please keep it PG13. If this helps you will be doing a lot of bending over/squatting and raising of your arm(s) at least head height.

  4. We strongly suggest closed toe shoes for throwers. That said, footwear MUST be worn at all times. Feel free to bring an extra pair of shoes to wear while here.  We want you to leave with the same number of toes attached that you came in with.

  5. Any injuries from a splinter (wink, wink) to an amputation needs to be reported to our staff; hurt feelings don’t count. We paid a lot of money for a medical kit with band-aides and rubbing alcohol of which both have expiration dates.

  6. Pets are great companions which deserve to be in a safe place; here is not that place.  Unless it is a registered service animal, do your pet and us a favor and leave them home.

  7. Even though our facility is BYOB doesn’t mean you can be visibly impaired of any kind.  We will first politely ask you to leave, and if that doesn’t work, we have the police on speed dial.

  8. We will not be able to extend extra time do to your tardiness and we require your full party to be in attendance before you can begin except if the missing people have been here before.

  9. Must keep the floor clear of items at all times such as ice chests, backpacks, purses, bodies, etc.

  10. Only store bought or commercially made food is allowed.  Weird, right?

  11. After your throwing turn, do not hand the hatchet to the next person; place it back into the holder.  If we have to explain why, we will, every time we see you not doing this.

  12. Our hatchets & axes are designed for throwing which means they are able to take some awkward hits, but anything over 5-mph is discouraged.  Are you familiar with Sir Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law…for every action (force) there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  13. Once your group starts to throw, there are no “substitutions” for other people to replace those who leave or decided they don’t like it.  This is purely an insurance issue in that the new people will not have received our speech about safety and we may not have time to re-explain it to the newbies.

  14. The Private Room has a max occupancy of 30, not 31 or 32 or 40…etc. If you book the Private Room for the 19-30 size, it must be no more than 30 due to safety consideration.  If more than 30 show up, they will need to rent a Lane/Stall for the overage to be allowed to stay in the building.

  15. We like enthusiasm as much as the next guy, but we also don’t want our stuff broken.  If we feel that damage done to our equipment was not normal wear-n-tear, we will charge a $50 restocking fee and for the replacement of the item.  If the individual who caused the damage doesn’t pay prior to leaving, we will charge the individual’s card that was used for the booking regardless of whose card it is.  Remember we do have waivers we can reference if the booking was paid by cash.

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