William Tell 1


Question: How much wood would a WoodChuck chuck if a WoodChuck could chuck wood?

Answer: As little wood as a WoodChuck could if a WoodChuck could chuck a hatchet instead.


I have a lot more bad puns, but that isn't why you are here.

My name is Shane Waters and I was born and raised in the Poconos of Pennsylvania for 32 years before I moved to New Jersey and had a career in corporate IT as a Software Engineer for 23 years. Having grown up in the area before it became the destination spot for adventurers of all kinds, I partook in many activities as a kid that many adults now seek out; throwing a hatchet was one of them. It was something my twin brother and I did as teenagers for a little fun in-between cutting chords and chords of firewood during the Fall weekends. Who would have envisioned from being scolded by my parents for goofing off too years later now owning the fastest growing adventure entertainment sport in America.

I proudly look forward to offering my Hatchet & Axe Throwing venue as a four season adventure to the great Pocono Mountains for many years to come.

William Tell 2